Standing Committees And National Advisory Groups For 2023/24

President ex-officio member of all committees


Grey Power Electricity: J Pentecost (Chair)

Staff and Administration: J Pentecost (Chair)

Standing Committees

Advocacy and Lobby: J Pentecost (Chair)

Sub-committee Research – J Pentecost (Chair)

Sub-committee Election Strategy (Local and General) – J Pentecost (Chair)

Communications and Marketing: D Marshall (Chair)

Subcommittee IT Infrastructure – R Mudford (Chair)

Legal, Regulations and Remits: S Feringa (Chair)

Magazine: J Pentecost (Chair)

Membership/Association Support: L Findlay (Chair)

Finances and Investment – L Findlay (Chair)

National Advisory Groups

ACC: J Millar (Chair)

Aged Care: J Pentecost (Chair)

Law, Order, Emergency and Climate Change Management: B Obers (Chair)

Energy: R Mudford (Chair)

Health: B Obers (Chair)

Sub-committee Disability/Access Alliance: S Feringa (Chair)

Local Bodies, Housing and Transport : M Boag (Chair) (off board)

Retirement Income/Taxation: R Mudford (Chair)

Retirement Villages: C Singleton (Chair)