Our History

Super Surtax Protest

Grey Power is a voluntary organization founded in February 1986 by a group of  Superannuitants protesting against the imposition of a surcharge on New Zealand Superannuation.  

First started as the Auckland Superannuitants Association, the founders were very vocal in their resistance to the surcharge. At that time, there was a media campaign against the Government of the day, so meetings were well publicised and attracted a media presence which meant the movement quickly spread and further Associations formed in other areas around New Zealand. The protest gained momentum and the surcharge was abolished.

The individual Grey Power Associations are all duly Incorporated Societies under their own right and together they form the Grey Power New Zealand Federation Inc: the National body of some 74 Associations throughout the country with a combined membership fluctuating up to 90,000 members. 

The Federation Board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and seven Zone Representatives. Off-board are seven Zone Directors, each elected by the associations within their Zone. Zones are geographically determined. The Federation has it’s head Office based in Pukekohe, Auckland and is staffed by two employees. Their main function is to maintain a central database of members, provide Association contact points, attend to board administration matters, and to provide all necessary material to the Associations.

Grey Power as a whole is an advocacy group. Grey Power now work in all matters pertaining to NZ Superannuation, as well as being active in the areas of Aged Care, Retirement Villages, Energy costs, Health, ACC,  Law and Order, Emergency Management, Transport, Local Bodies, Housing, Home Care. 

These areas of importance are allotted to Board subcommittees as National Advisory Groups. Each “NAGs” responsibility is to progress the aims and objectives of Grey Power Policies in each area.

Grey Power continues to meet with and advocate with Politicians, Policy Analysts,  who have the power to determine our future living standards.

Grey Power Achievements

Below is a list of some key policy actions that Grey Power have have achieved, either alone, or in association with other organisations.

Removal of Prescription Charges
Restoration of NZS to those stranded overseas due to COVID

Rate Rebate Scheme extended to include retirement village residents
Removal of spousal deduction of NZS entitlement (Sections 187-191 of the Social Security Act 2018, Formerly Section 70
Security doors on most Council owned pensioner flats
Winter Energy Payment
Annual clothing allowance for grandparents raising grandchildren
Increased funding for Glaucoma operations
Retention of SuperGold Card Off-Peak Travel
Retention of Graduating Doctors – (Student Loan)
Spot Audits for Rest Homes
Rates Rebate Scheme indexed to CPI.
Hearing aid subsidy increased
Abolition of Interest on Student Loans
Code of Practice for Rest Homes
Improved Regulations for Rest Homes
NZ Super Increased to 66% net after tax ordinary time weekly wage
Lower Tariff Electricity
Removal Over 80’s Driving Tests
Lower Pharmacy Fees
Lower doctors’ Fees
NZS Asset Testing Legislation Phased Out
Removal of the NZS Surtax