Grey Power Electricity

Grey Power Electricity is a partnership between the Grey Power Federation and Pulse Energy. Established in 2013, Grey Power Electricity is committed to providing Grey Power Members with low cost electricity, gas, broadband and home phone plans.

Grey Power Electricity is designed especially for Grey Power Members and gives back to the Grey Power Federation for every Member that becomes an electricity customer with them.

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The Benefits of joining Grey Power Electricity

Transparent Billing

They provide transparent billing on your electricity bill by itemising the charges so you know what you are charged for.

Payment Options

Grey Power Electricity provide a variety of payment options so you can choose the most convenient option. Smoothpay spreads your electricity payments evenly throughout the year, so you pay the same amount for your bill each month.

No Long Term Contracts

You can freely terminate, with no charge at any time.

Unlimited Broadband Available

They offer a range of broadband plans to suit your usage, plus you’ll receive one bill for your electricity and broadband. Unlimited broadband plans are available from $60/month* when you bundle your power and broadband.

*Lite Fibre Plan is only available to customers on the Chorus network. $68 per month includes a $8 per month modem fee and a $60 per month plan fee. If you BYO Modem, you will pay $60 per month for the Lite Fibre plan.

Natural Gas and LPG Available

By combining your electricity and gas account with Grey Power Electricity, you will receive their All Energy Discount.

No Mark-Up on Network Services

They will flow through the electricity Network Services charges for the entire time you are a customer with them. Your Network Services charges appear on your bill so you can see exactly what you are charged for. **

**It is not practical to flow through the per kWh Network charges for all networks. For some networks, Network Services charges will be calculated using published prices and other assumptions that allow us to recover network charges across our customer base on your network.