Advocacy for Seniors in the Health System

Caroline Cooper, Aged Care Commissioner, brought a fresh approach and commitment to improving the way our more vulnerable seniors are treated in our struggling health service. Speaking at The Grey Power Federation AGM in late June, her passion for improving the situation for our most vulnerable seniors was refreshing.

Caroline emphasised that while older people are the largest users of healthcare there is no strategy for health and disability care for seniors. Older people deserve to have their views heard as to how they would like to be treated – so she has been out in the community with her team attending collaboration hui and meetings to hear what our issues and priorities are.

What was found......

  • Primary and community care are not set up with models that work for older people
  • Funding is not older person focused (outdated funding models)
  • Variation is challenging
  • Access to health care whenever and when needed is not happening for many

What was heard......

  • Many stories of access to care issues
  • Older people being “stuck” in the wrong part of the health system
  • Concerns that if they complain they won’t receive the services they need.

3 insights, as outlined in the slide below need to be urgently addressed.

Grey Power looks forward to the Commissioner’s work being incorporated and implemented within the current health reforms to ensure our more vulnerable seniors can have their preferences respected and be able to live in dignity despite their frailty.

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